Death With Life

by Jennie and Sue

Vic/Methos | Rated NC-17 | 2003 | 8,180 words




Drugs. Really, really strong drugs. That was the only possible explanation for what Vic was seeing. Obviously, Mac - the bastard - had slipped something into his drink earlier. And Vic would have his revenge.

Just as soon as he stopped seeing the bolts of lightning exploding around the man in the alley. Or passed out cold, which was a distinct possibility. Because the lightning... it was being absorbed by the man.

And the guy was still standing. Yeah, he was clearly in pain, his slim body arching violently at each strike, but he was standing.

Finally, the light show ended. As did the noise, which Vic hadn't even been aware of until it stopped. The stranger collapsed to his knees, panting heavily. A few minutes later, he raised his head and stared at Vic, then clambered to his feet.

"What the fuck?" Vic asked in an embarrassingly weak voice.

No explanation was forthcoming, apparently. As if he hadn't heard a word, the man sheathed his sword - Sword? - and stepped to one side, revealing-

Jesus! He was going to fucking kill Mac Ramsey. Hallucinations of this magnitude simply could not be met with anything less than murder, and that was all there was to it. Really! A dead body - a dead, decapitated body - lay on the ground.

"That little fuck is so dead," Vic growled.

Unless, of course, he wasn't hallucinating. Vic gave the matter some thought and decided to proceed on the possibility that he'd actually seen what he'd seen.

"Yes, he is. Although I feel I must point out that this man is in no way 'little'."

"Shut up." Vic was not in the mood to listen. He had just witnessed a crime - assuming that he hadn't lost his mind - and he wasn't about to be talked out of making an arrest. Breaking cover, he rose to his feet and shouted, "Freeze!"

"Aren't you the macho one?"

The plummy English tones weren't what he was expecting, but it didn't slow him down. "Don't move. You're under arrest." He fell into the standard crouch beloved of policemen everywhere.

"Yes, sir," said the miscreant. "I've always had the utmost respect for the law."

"Turn around," Vic barked. "Hands clasped, behind your head."

"Certainly, officer. Just as soon as I-"

"I said freeze, asshole," Vic yelled as the man casually - with complete disregard for Vic's orders - bent over and started patting down the corpse. Well, the lower part of the corpse.

"Mmm hmm. Shall I freeze in this position, or stand up first?"

The gleam in those gold-flecked eyes could not possibly be amusement, Vic told himself. "You think this is a joke? I will shoot you. Don't doubt it."

"Oh," the man said agreeably, "I daresay you will. In fact, I really must insist that you do."

Vic's eyes widened in shock. "Are you insane? You want me to shoot you."

"Yes." Graceful hands pulled the stranger's overcoat open, and he tapped the spot directly over his heart. "Right here, if you please. I trust you can hit the mark?"

Vic gaped at the man. Then, he decided that this entire scene was, after all, a drug-induced hallucination. He must have mumbled something to that effect, for the man nodded solemnly and informed him that drugs were bad for one's mental health.

Which made Vic doubt himself again. Would a hallucination lecture him on the evils of psychotropics? He decided to investigate further.

"Where are we?"

"Where would you like us to be?"

"Don't fuck with me," Vic warned impatiently. "What city?"


"What's the date?"

"March 26, 1998."

Both answers were correct. But.

"Of course," that amused voice continued, "if I am merely a product of your subconscious mind, I'd know these things, wouldn't I?"


"Yes. Yes, I would. Then again, this could all be a set-up. Or, perhaps some kind of practical joke."

Vic looked down at the headless body sprawled on the ground. "No," he said slowly. "Not a set up or a joke. That guy is dead."

"I believe I've already agreed with you on that point."

"And you killed him."

"I stand in awe of your sharply-honed detective skills."

"Oh, lah-de-dah," said Victor, somewhat snippily. "Just assume the position, mister." He brandished the gun and growled in a way that usually had felons quaking in their boots. "You just cut this guy's head off and then did your best Frankenstein impression. Now, my name might be Victor, but I don't particularly find the Baron a good role model."

"Very well," said the amused voice. "For you." The slim form assumed 'the position,' hands flat against the brick wall and legs spread in a fashion that was at once submissive and alluring. "There, now. Isn't that better?"

"Shut up," gritted Vic, beginning to frisk the annoying man. "Toss that sword to the ground and just... just shut the hell up."

"Very quick wit there, I must say." The sarcastic voice made Victor grind his teeth. "You have a really nice voice. Am I allowed to say that?"

"Oh, for fuck's sake." Vic's impatience was nearly at an end. This jerk was refusing to do what he was told, and was making fun of him to boot. He was desperately trying to recover his equilibrium. His temper was always ready to flare, and right now it was incandescent. He found the sword and yanked it from its concealed scabbard, tossing it onto the ground.

The man he was searching laughed again. "Oh, well done. Now I'm at your mercy." He suddenly turned and Vic found himself pressed against a long, lean body. "Go on," said the annoying voice. "Dominate me."

"Dominate you?" Vic growled. "I'll show you 'dominate', you fucking lunatic." He stepped back, spun the man around to face the wall again, and wrenched one of his arms up between his shoulder blades.

"Ooh," that smooth voice crooned. "Your butchness is almost overwhelming, Officer Victor."

"My what? I... You... Oh, fuck you!"

"Whatever pleases you."

Valiantly ignoring the very fine body - which was giving off 'fuck me' signals left and right - Vic groped for something that would work as handcuffs, finally giving up in disgust when he could find nothing that might serve.

"Dammit! At least when I was in uniform I had cuffs when I needed them," he said, in disgust.

"You know, I wouldn't have pegged you as a fan of bondage," the lunatic said suggestively as he turned to face Vic.

"Shut up," Vic said gruffly. Once again, he patted the man down, searching for a wallet. "Dammit, where's your ID?"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out," said the dark stranger, smiling easily. "Of course, if you give me a kiss, I'll tell you."

"I beg your pardon?" Vic's voice was higher than usual as he stepped back defensively. "What did you just say to me?"

"I offered to tell you all about me for a kiss," said his companion, the smile widening to a grin as he took in Vic's confusion. "I don't normally kiss and tell, but you're too pretty to resist."

"Will you stop?" The plaintive voice that emerged from Victor at that moment seemed to signal defeat. "I don't know why you've suddenly decided to bait me, but I wish you'd just pack it in."

"What, and give up the chance to start a beautiful relationship?" The dark man shook his head. "I couldn't do that with a clear conscience. I'm a really old man, and I deserve one or two pleasures before I die. I've decided that you will be one of them."

"Why me?" Vic moaned. "What have I ever done to deserve this? I'm a good guy, or at least I try to be good. Why do I always end up being everybody's joke?"

"Believe me, Officer Victor, I don't think you're a joke."

"Will you please stop calling me that?" Vic asked plaintively. "And, for god's sake, tell me your name."

"Okay. Which do you prefer, 'Officer' or 'Victor'?"

"My fr... Most people call me Vic."

"Vic," the man said, then nodded his approval. "It suits you."

"So glad you approve," Vic snapped, uncomfortable with the way he'd enjoyed hearing his name said in the stranger's sultry voice. "Now, what the hell is your name."

"Ah ah. You know the price."

"I am not going to kiss you."

"Hmmm. We seem to be at a bit of an impasse. Perhaps I should kiss you."

Vic took another step back, shaking his head. "Oh no you don't. You just keep your lips to yourself."

With a grin, the man moved forward, matching Vic, step for step, until he had him pinned against the wall. "Don't be afraid, Vic. One little kiss never hurt anyone."

"I'm not afr-mmmph."

There was a distinct silence for some moments, punctuated only by a small gasp as mouth smothered mouth. Vic struggled a little but soon gave in to the heat of the other man's caress. He'd always craved affection, and this embrace was firm, close and wonderful. Vic felt as if he'd come home, then he began to collect his scattered wits and try to fight his way free.

When the all-too attractive stranger finally let him go and stood back with a smile, Vic stood there, dazed, unable to think of anything to say. When he finally did find his voice, it was to ask huskily, "Why?"

"Because you have the most kissable lips I've ever seen, and because I could." Methos reached to cup Vic's cheek. "I've given up standing in line. I'm old enough now to take what I want."

"Just who are you?" Vic's voice was still husky and shell-shocked.

"You may call me Adam if you like. Get used to the name, because you're going to hear a lot of it in the future." He smiled again, less snidely than before. "I'll make sure of that."

"I'm not... I don't..." Vic's words trailed off in confusion as he stared, quite befuddled, at this very peculiar man. "I don't understand," he finally said.

Adam shrugged and smiled. "It's quite simple, really. You're attractive, I want you; you want me."

"But I... you don't even know me. You don't know anything about me." Canting his eyes to one side, Vic caught his breath, shocked to find that he'd actually forgotten what he'd seen this man do just a few minutes ago. "You killed that guy. And now you expect me to just... what? Forget about that?"

"No," Adam responded, serious for the first time since Vic had stumbled across him. "You should never forget that. But, you will eventually have to do the same thing, because you, dear man, are like me, and that is what we do."

"Like you? What are you trying to say? That I'm going to lose it and start beheading people just for the hell of it?" Vic pushed past Adam and started pacing back and forth in front of him. "I'm not a killer. I can't say that I've never killed, but I never... What do you mean, 'like you'? What are you? What is this? Who was that guy? Why did you kill him? Why a sword? And what was that lightning show?"

"I did it because it was either him or me, and I don't want to die." Adam grinned again. "After all, I've just met you, and I'd rather like to live long enough to find out the truth about that mouth of yours."

"Stop that!" said Victor, thoroughly off balance now as the other man talked. "You're making me nervous. What makes you think that I have anything at all in common with you?"

"My dear young Vic," said the man who called himself Adam, calmly leaning up against the nearby wall. "We need to talk. Why don't you come and have coffee or a beer with me and we'll discuss this." He gestured towards his fallen foe in a superbly unconcerned way. "You can arrest me once I've finished telling you my story, if you're still of a mind to do so. Meanwhile, your partner, whom I see lurking in the shadows, can relax and phone for the clean up squad, secure in the knowledge that you're on the case."

Mac! For Pete's sake, he'd forgotten Mac. The man had seen him... fuck! He'd seen him being kissed by this saturnine creature, and he was probably writing to all the newspapers right now. Damn it, he was likely on the phone to the Director or something. He groaned. "Mac, get out here. Get out here, now."

Mac, damn his eyes, walked forward to join them. "Adam," he greeted tersely. "What the hell are you doing?"

Adam sighed. "It's time, Mac. He needs to know."

"I suppose he does," Mac agreed, reluctantly. "That does not explain the way you're putting the moves on him, though."

"But he's such a pretty thing." Methos smirked.

"He's a pretty, straight thing, Adam."

"Mmmm." Turning, he studied Vic again. Licked his lips. "I'm not so sure about that, Mac."

"Dammit! If you're just playing on his vulnerability..."

Finally finding his voice, Vic protested, "I don't know how or why you two know each other - and, I really don't think I want to know - I'd appreciate it if you'd fucking explain what the hell is going on!" He glared at both men. "And stop talking about me as if I'm not here!"

"Take it easy, Vic," Mac soothed. "You go with Adam, he'll explain everything. I'll take care of this... mess," he added, waving one hand at the beheaded body in the alley.

Shaking his head, Vic stepped back. "I don't think..."

"Trust me, Vic. Just this once," Mac said with unusual seriousness. "You need to hear what Adam has to say."

"I... Okay."

"And, Adam." Mac met Adam's eyes, warning clear in his expression. "You will talk to him. Explain. Vic's... my friend. If I find out that you've taken advantage of him..."

They hadn't gotten far when Victor had finally had enough. Whirling on the man he'd been told was called Adam, he shoved him up against the wall and growled at him, his forearm up against the other man's Adam's apple. "Okay, Adam. Spill." He gritted his teeth in a snarl that was calculated to show the man how fierce he was, how he was not one to be trifled with.

"Of course," said the man, smiling that superior smile that irked Vic so much. "It's quite simple. I'm immortal, and so are you."

"Oh yeah, and so's the tooth fairy," said Vic savagely, placing his forearm arm against the other man's throat. "Come on. Tell me the truth and shame the devil."

"That, my beautiful young Victor, is the truth. Give me a little room, please. You can always poke that gun into me if it makes you feel more secure." Adam drew a knife from his pocket as Vic moved back, popped the blade, and stabbed his own hand, wincing as it went into his flesh. "Observe carefully, now," he said, drawing it out again.

As Vic watched, there were blue sparks around the gaping wound, and it began to close in front of him.

"Well, fuck," he finally said.

"I couldn't have put it better myself," was the reply.

"And you're saying that I'm... that I..."

Adam nodded. "Yes, you are."

"But, I've been injured plenty of times. That never happened."

"It's a long story, Victor. Why don't we go someplace a bit more private before I tell you the whole story?"

Dazed, Vic could only nod in agreement.

Taking pity on the younger man's shock, Methos gently led Vic over to his Volvo and settled him in the passenger seat. He climbed in himself, started the car, and drove them to his apartment.

Vic never said a word during the trip, staring blankly out of the windshield. When they arrived, Methos went around and helped Vic out of the car, leading him upstairs and into his home. Once he'd seated Vic on the couch, he went into the kitchen and got a beer for himself and made a cup of sweet tea for his guest.

"What the hell is that?" asked Vic, apparently horrified by the offering.

"It's sweet tea," responded Methos. "Shock victims are supposed to drink it."

"I only drink coffee," grouched Victor, his lower lip making a sudden appearance, and hiking Methos' blood pressure up as he watched the display.

"Coffee," he responded, sententiously, "Is bad for you. Tea is good. Take it from me; I'm a doctor."

"Never bothered me before," Vic grumbled under his breath even as he acquiesced and sipped the tea.

Three beers and two cups of tea later, Vic finally started to show signs of life. He shifted into a more comfortable position and met Methos' eyes. "So," he murmured. You were going to explain this... whatever this is?"

"Yes. I told you that we - you and I - are Immortals, yes?"

Vic nodded, frowning. "What the fuck is an Immortal? And how did you do that thing... with the knife?"

"That's one of the perks, Vic. We get injured and heal almost immediately. We die and-"

"Jesus! We can't die?"

"Oh, we can be die. Make no mistake about that, Vic. But, there is only one way in which we can be killed permanently. You saw me kill another Immortal tonight."

"But... Oh, God." Vic moaned and turned an alarming shade of white. "You cut his head off."

"It's the only way to kill one of us."

"I think I'm gonna puke," Vic choked out.

"You do, and you'll clean it up," Methos warned with a smile. He rose and went to the kitchen, returning with a basin. "However, just in case..."

Sitting down, he slid an arm around the shaken shadowy government agent. "Come here," he murmured, stroking the short, dark hair. "Come here and be comforted."

Victor didn't say anything, but he didn't pull away either. Emboldened by this, Methos pulled him closer, 'til he was leaning on Methos' shoulder, allowing Methos to pet him.

Almost as though he were dreaming, Vic turned up his face, and Methos took the hint, lowering his head until he could capture the vulnerable mouth, kissing it gently but thoroughly, tongue caressing and stroking as he soothed the man in his arms.

He wasn't sure afterwards how it happened, but he found himself lying atop Vic, who was draped artistically over the couch, one leg down on the floor and the other curled tidily around the back of Methos' knee as they continued kissing. Vic's eyes were closed, and his long, thick lashes were curled on his cheek, giving him a youthful innocence at variance with the hard cop pose he'd exhibited earlier.

Gazing at Vic between kisses made his heart stutter and took his breath away. "All the clichés I ever heard, in one amazing package," murmured Methos under his breath. Slowly, carefully, he slid his hand down Victor's body, finding a nipple beneath the white t-shirt and tugging on it, then skimming the flat belly before beginning to fumble with the waistband of Vic's jeans. "I think it's only fair to warn you that if I can't make love to you, I'll explode," murmured Methos.

Vic's eyes flew open. "Oh? Does that mean that you'll live as long as your head doesn't blow off?"

"Indeed it does," Methos said, tongue in cheek. "Just think of the mess, blood and brains all over you."

"Can't have that." Vic grinned shyly. "This sofa is a little... small for what I want you to do to me - got a bed?"

"Tell me, Victor, just what do you want me to do to you?"

Vic fluttered his eyelashes. "Fuck me, of course."

Before he could say 'Immortal', Vic found himself in a bedroom. Which contained a nice wide bed.

Adam pressed his length along Vic's back and whispered, "I'm going to undress you now."

Turning so that they were facing each other, Vic suggested that he should return the favor. As Adam seemed to have no argument with that, they slowly disrobed each other. It took some time because they both felt the need to caress and taste each bit of skin as it was revealed.

Finally naked and on the bed, they lay facing each other. "I... I don't do this often, Adam," Vic confessed softly.

"But you want to now - with me."

"Yes," Vic whispered. "Yes, I do."

Their lovemaking was languorous, dreamy and slow, mouth locked to mouth as hands roamed and skin slid against skin. Vic was as gentle now as he had been vicious earlier and curiously timid as Methos slowly prepared him for their joining.

There was no doubt of the outcome. Both were hard, straining against each other as they kissed and touched. Wordlessly, they sought out each other's pleasure points, the occasional crow of satisfaction punctuating the soft moans and gasps as one or the other discovered a new way to drive his partner wild. Once, Methos found a place on Victor's neck that made him giggle and buck towards him, and then Vic retaliated, merciless in his attack on the backs of Methos' knees.

They lay, content to discover each other for a long time, each devouring the other, until suddenly, seemingly knowing by telepathy that it was time, Vic raised his knees and spread his thighs apart as Methos rolled to crouch over top of him.

His voice was harsh when he spoke. "You ready?"

"Yeah. Oh, yeah." The reply left no room for doubt, and at that, Methos placed his cock against Victor's ass and pressed forward.

Vic winced at the pressure. It really had been a long time since he'd done this - but he wanted it, wanted to feel Adam filling him, fucking him. He drew in a deep breath, closing his eyes, prepared to ride out the pain, knowing that pleasure lay just beyond.

"Shhh," Adam soothed, stroking one hand down Vic's side and pulling out. "Let's take things a little more slowly."

"Nooo," Vic moaned. "Don't stop. I... I need this - you."

"I'm not going anywhere, beautiful. Trust me, I am going to fuck you tonight. But pain isn't part of the program... this time."

Vic watched anxiously as Adam leaned over to pull open the drawer of the bedside table. When he brandished a bottle of oil, smiling with promise, Vic couldn't help sighing with relief. He relaxed again, grasping his thighs and opening himself for what was to come.

His eyes widened when Adam set the bottle aside and scooted down, licking a path from the tip of his cock to... Oh, Jesus! No one had ever-

"Adam," he said in an astonished voice. "You don't have to do that."

"Ah, but I want to do exactly this. I want to taste every centimeter of you, Victor."


"Hush, now. All you have to do is feel."

Hot tongue laving him, stroking tiny circles onto his craving flesh, pressure flicking in and out, widening him, loosening him. Little licks at his balls made him gasp and shudder, and then an oil-coated hand creeping to rub around the top of his cock sent sparkling flashes of pleasure radiating out, and then Adam went for it, penetrating him with that sharp little tongue, in and out, making him want to scream.

Vic screamed.

Adam laughed. "I'll take that as a compliment. Think you can manage my name next time?" Then he went right back to driving Vic insane, 'til the ex-cop was virtually begging for Adam to fuck him, spreading wide and whimpering as his dick released streams of pre-ejaculate and his balls did their best to ascend to the tip of it.

"Want..." he mumbled, thickly, and Adam looked up, smiling sweetly.

"And you shall have," he said, moving to push his oily cock deep into Vic's ass.

Vic screamed again, his whole body on fire as the thick organ reached into him, drawing with it the start of his orgasm. He wrapped arms and legs around Adam and hung on tight. Adam began to fuck him.

Their mouths found each other again, and Vic could feel the tension tightening up the channel that clasped Adam so tightly. "I think I'm..."

"I'd be surprised if you weren't." Adam grinned and moved faster still.

"Fuck! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. Adam, I'm gonna... gonna..."

"Come for me, my beautiful Victor. I want to see you come, hear you screaming my name."

"T-touch me. I need you to... Aaaaah!" Arching up, Vic lost it, coming without that touch, screaming Adam's name just as he'd been ordered.

Later, he'd take the time to be embarrassed about shooting so quickly, like a teenager having sex for the first time. Now, though, he stared up at Adam, fascinated by the sheer beauty of that angular face as the man approached his own orgasm. He ran his hands down lean muscles to grip Adam's ass, urging him on wordlessly.

Gold-flecked eyes opened, staring at him with wonder and Vic strained up, reaching for a kiss. "Yes," he murmured against Adam's lips. "Do it. Come for me. Come in me."

Every muscle in Adam's body tightened. He stilled for a beat, groaned, and thrust so far inside that Vic could've sworn he felt that cock touch the back of his throat. With a guttural moan and a few words in some musical language that Vic didn't recognize, Adam came in a series of wrenching spurts.

Totally, blissfully limp for the next few minutes, all the two men could do was kiss each other wherever their mouths came to rest. Soft little sighs and murmured half words were all that could be heard, until at last Vic moved slightly, trying to adjust Adam's not inconsiderable weight.

"Sorry, Vic," he said, softly, rolling to the side.

"I'm not," husked Vic, rolling with him to wrap one meaty leg across his new lover's body in a proprietary fashion. "That was astonishing."

"I'm glad you liked it. Think we could do it again sometime?" Adam's voice still retained that cynical edge, but now the edge was muted, and affection took the sting from his words.

"You mean, like in about five minutes time?" said Vic with a laugh.

"Hey, I'm not young any more," laughed the world's oldest man. "Make it ten."

Vic was silent for a moment, thinking - remembering - how this had all started. He had one hell of a lot of questions but hesitated to break the mood just then. On the other hand, curiosity was gnawing away at his brain.

"You're thinking too hard, Vic," Adam chided. "I'll explain everything. You have my word on it."


With a sigh, Methos pressed a kiss to Vic's temple. "You died in a shooting not long after that warehouse explosion, Vic. Mac has been keeping an eye on you since. Happily, you haven't run across any other Immortals until now. The details can come later, but you should know that we'll have to find you a teacher."

"Why Mac? What does he know that I don't? And what do I need a teacher for? I'm perfectly capable of defending myself."

"Mac is what we call a 'Watcher'. He belongs to an organization that watches and keeps records on Immortals. And, while I'm sure you can defend yourself in a normal situation, I doubt you'd know how to handle a sword fight."

"Sword fight?" Vic repeated. "Why the hell would I want to get into a sword fight?"

Methos sighed. "Because that's how we do it. That's how we've always done it."

"Always? Just how long has this been going on?"

"Many thousands of years. Exactly how many I just don't know."

"You keep mentioning your age... how old are you?"

"I... Let's just say that I met Jesus Christ."

"Hey, I can beat that. I just saw the face of God,"

"Oh yeah? What did he look like?"

"You won't believe how big that Supreme Being's nose is." Victor chuckled, his eyes crinkling with mischief as he reached to ghost lazy kisses down Methos' jawline. "But despite that, I found him sexy."

"I'm very glad to hear it." Methos resorted to formality in his astonishment at Victor's apparent acceptance.

"Yeah, so you should be," was the laughing response. "I've got a question, though. When and how did Mac get involved with this watcher organization?"

Methos groaned in protest. "Can't we discuss your partner later?"

"Well, if you have something more... interesting in mind right now, I suppose I can wait."

Arching his head back and gently urging Vic's mouth closer to the vulnerable area of his neck, Methos pushed his renewed erection against the younger man's hip. "I... have a few ideas."

"Old but vigorous, huh?" Vic teased.

"Inspired would be a," he gasped as sharp teeth nipped at his throat, "better word, I think."

Methos had wanted to go slowly again, really, he had. But, as Vic's clever mouth and hands moved over his body, his good intentions went right out of the proverbial window. When that hot mouth closed over his cock, Methos lost it. He pulled Vic up and over him by the hair and growled, "Fuck me. Now!"

"You want...?"

"I want you. Inside of me. Right, Fucking. Now!"

Vic fumbled for the bottle of oil and slicked his fingers, reaching down to prepare Adam.

"No!" Adam batted his hand away. "Your cock."


"Now, Victor. Don't make me force you."

"I beg your pardon?" said Victor, grinning nastily. "I'll have you know that I'm a trained professional. If there's any forcing to be done, I'll be doing it, thank you very much." He seized his own cock, stroking oil onto it with fingers that only trembled a little, then positioned himself and pushed.

"Oh, yeah," sighed Methos, feeling the invasion and spreading himself wide to take it all in. "Go on then, Mr. Policeman, frisk me."

"Don't you think that you're frisky enough?" asked Vic, still grinning, although the expression was more of a rictus than a true smile. "For an old geezer, you've got an awful lot of energy." He drew himself out to the limit, and then, with a gasp, slid home again. "And fuck, you feel good."

"I do my poor best," said Methos, his own smile tender as he gazed up at the intensity and focus on Victor's face. "Has anyone ever told you just how very beautiful you are?"

"Well, yeah," said Vic, blushing. "Back when I was in grade school, I was an angel in the school nativity play, and Mrs. Emsworth, my teacher..."

"No, you idiot," thundered Methos. "Listen to me. I've been around a long, long time, and the last time I saw anyone that came close to you in the beauty stakes was in the reign of Seti the First."

"Yeah? And who was he? Some French guy? I'm not sure I want to look like a French guy."

"He was a pharaoh, my ignorant young friend," said Methos, grinning hugely as Vic paused in mid thrust.

"We are going to have a very long talk later, Old Man," Vic said.

Methos snorted. "'Later' being the operative word." He thrust his hips up insistently. "Now, get on with it."

"Damn, you're obnoxious."

"Only one of my many talents, dear Victor."

"Shit!" Vic gave in, knowing that he didn't stand a chance against the sarcasm Adam seemed intent on voicing. With increasing force, he fucked the man, hoping to at least shut him up for a while.

It didn't work, of course. But the words and sounds coming from his lover were, thankfully, incoherent. Not to mention inspiring. Despite the fact that he'd come only a short time ago, Vic quickly found himself riding the edge again. His balls tightened and that familiar tingle at the base of his spine warned him that orgasm was imminent.

Reaching between their straining bodies, he closed his hand around Adam's cock and jacked him frantically. "Soon," he gasped. "Can't - Oh, God - can't hold out much longer."

"Then do it."

"Not... not without you. Not this time. Come with me, Adam," Vic pleaded.

"I thought you'd never ask," whispered Adam throatily, arching up to allow Vic a little extra purchase. "When you haven't been fucked for fifteen hundred years, you need to take the edge off a little, and..." he stiffened suddenly, beginning to pant. "Oh. Yes, oh, fuck, yes," he groaned, and began to come, his tissues pulsing around Victor's cock in a rippling, sucking motion.

Vic felt the heated flood of his own spunk begin to surge up and out of him in response to the clinging, clasping flesh that surrounded him. He drove in, staring into gold-flecked eyes as he lost control and his body gave it up to the self proclaimed old man.

As he settled on the lean frame, melting against him, wiry arms wrapped around him and held him close. Although sleep beckoned, something kept nudging at Vic's brain. Something Adam had said... Something amazing.

"Fifteen hundred years?" he gasped incredulously, rising up on his elbows to stare down at Adam.

"Give or take a century," Adam said, shrugging casually.

"I... you..." Vic sputtered. "Why now? Why me?"

Slim fingers gracefully caressed his cheek. "Because you're beautiful and good and I trust you."

Stunned, Vic collapsed back onto Adam's chest. "But I - we just met, for God's sake. How can you feel that way so soon?"

"As long as I've been around, I think I've grown to judge people quickly and accurately. I don't trust easily - well, actually I don't really trust more than a handful of people - but something tells me that you are a man I can trust. I could easily fall in love with you, Vic. And," Adam added solemnly, "I've never allowed myself to love another Immortal."

"I... wow. That's just... wow." Vic knew he sounded like an idiot. And he didn't care - not at all.

"Couldn't have said it better myself," Adam whispered. Then he yawned. "Sorry, love, but I'm exhausted. You've managed to wear me out. Okay if we talk tomorrow?"

"I guess so," whispered Vic, snuggling in against the other man's lean form, taking joy from the fact that he had someone close to him, someone with whom he could cuddle, even if only for this one night. "You really want me to stick around?"

"Of course I want you to stay, you silly man." Methos turned over and wrapped himself around Vic, pulling him closer against his chest. "Now, sleep."

"Yes, sir, massa boss," said Vic, somewhat sarcastically, and sighed happily.

Before very much longer, the pair of them were sleeping soundly, tangled together like puppies in a basket.


It had been a long time, a really, really long time since Vic had wakened to find himself not alone. Even longer since he'd shared a bed with someone that liked to cuddle. He felt warm and safe, with Adam's lean form spooned up behind him, both arms holding him tightly.

Best of all he hadn't been plagued by the nightmares that seemed to occur with ever increasing frequency these past few years. This was something he could definitely get used to. Which was kind of scary. Because he really didn't see Adam as the kind of man to dive into a long-term relationship on the basis of one night of great sex.

Actually, Adam didn't strike him as the relationship type, long-term or otherwise.

"Stop thinking so loudly," Adam said groggily. "Thinking is forbidden until after I've had at least three cups of coffee."

"It was really great sex, wasn't it?"

"Are you kidding?" said the foggy sounding voice in his ear. "It was incredible. You're gorgeous, bright, and a heavenly fuck." Adam released him and gave him a little push. "Now, about that coffee..."

"All right, all right," grumbled Victor, moving as if to get out of bed. "I can take a hint." He paused and frowned. "Hey, wait a minute here. I'm the guest. This is your place. You make me coffee, you asshole."

He laughed and settled back down in the bed. Adam groaned and sat up.

"If you're going to be high maintenance, the sooner I have you barefoot and pregnant, the better," he said, with a smile and climbed out of bed, tottering out of the room. As Vic snuggled down, he could hear the sounds of domesticity from somewhere out of sight.

Shortly, Adam returned with a tray, on which there were coffee, croissants and jam. "Breakfast is served, my lord," he said with a tender smile.

As he nibbled on a croissant and sipped his coffee, Vic mulled over that 'if you're going to be high maintenance' comment. It could be an indication of something more than a one-night stand. Of course, it could just be Adam's sarcasm. If it was the former, did Vic really want to get involved in a gay relationship? Or any kind of relationship, for that matter. His track record with such things didn't exactly inspire confidence.

But, God, it would be nice to wake up like this every morning.

And Adam was... well, Vic thought he might really enjoy spending more time with the fascinating man. In bed and out. Because, yeah, the sex had been mind-blowing, the conversation, challenging and amusing.

Adam groaned. "You're still thinking."

Smiling, Vic shrugged his shoulders. "You have to admit that I have a lot to think about."

"Such as?" Adam asked with a long-suffering air.

"Oh... you, me... us. This whole immortality thing. Dying. Not dying. It's a lot to take in. And you," he poked Adam in the ribs, "have much more to tell me, right?"

"Can't we just make love?" asked Adam, with a long-suffering air. "My brain hurts this morning."

"Why? You weren't drinking or anything last night." Vic took another sip of the coffee and smiled at Adam from beneath lowered lashes.

Adam drew in a sharp breath. "Gods, I can't concentrate when you do that. It makes my insides perform feats of contortion," he complained, removing the coffee mug from Vic's suddenly lax fingers and moving in to kiss him deeply. "Stop being so fucking hot," he gritted. "I need to tell you everything, and it's not easy when all I want to do is drill you."

Swallowing nervously, Vic leant against Adam's warm body, sighing his comfort as he reclaimed his coffee. "So go on; give me the scoop. I guess that we need to get it over with. What am I?"

"You're an Immortal, my sweet. You died your first death the night that you were shot while working the Sanderson gun running case. Remember?"

Vic frowned at Methos, wondering how the other man knew he'd been shot.

"I was there, love. I stood guard over you when Mac went running off to try and tackle the men that had killed you."

"How did you... I mean, why were you there in the first place? And how does Mac know you?"

"You and your partner were working a case in Vancouver a little over a year ago," Adam said. "The two of you spent an evening in a blues bar, 'Joe's'."

"Yeah," Vic said slowly. "I remember. So?"

"Well, Joe is a friend of mine. I spend quite a bit of time at his place when I'm in town. When you came in... you see, Immortals can feel each other's presence. We call it 'the buzz'. Pre-Immortals give off a subdued version of that buzz."

Vic chewed on his lower lip. "So, you 'felt' me and... what?"

"I was intrigued. You're a very pretty man, my Victor. So, I followed you. Did some investigating. When I realized how dangerous your work was, I went to Joe - he's a Watcher - and together we recruited Mac to keep an eye on you."

"So, Mac is one of these Watchers?" echoed Victor, face completely baffled as he listened to the words that Adam said. "Is it normal for a - What did you call me, a 'pre-Immortal?'"

Adam nodded.

"All pre-Immortals get a Watcher?"

"Well... no, that's not exactly common."

"I didn't think so. Why me? And why Mac?"

"It's kind of difficult to explain," murmured Adam. "We picked Mac because he was the closest to you. We wanted to have someone who would be there when the inevitable happened and would let us know when it did so we could bring you in for orientation. Of course," he said, ruefully, "we hadn't reckoned on Mac having a thirty second attention span and the mind of a five year old. It was fortunate that I was on hand when you finally died."

"Yeah." Victor laughed at the masterly summary. "That sounds like Mac."

"Well, anyway, here you are now, and we're ahead of the game. Now I have to teach you enough so that some predator doesn't separate your head from your shoulders before you're ready." Methos stroked Victor's long, graceful throat. "I need to teach you how to stay alive. I hope that it will be a long, delightful interlude in both our lives."

"So, Professor... while you're teaching me, what do I tell my boss? And, how do I explain my sudden ability to heal almost instantaneously? What if I get killed on the job? As you know, Adam, in my line of work that is very likely to happen. Again. My boss doesn't take well to mysteries. The woman is a pit bull when it comes to things she doesn't understand."

Adam smirked. "I'll take care of it."

"How do you plan to do that?"

Adam shrugged. "She's well aware of the Immortal lifestyle. And, yours truly knows people that even she will bow down to. As of tomorrow, you won't be working for the Agency. You'll be with me. Aside from the danger of getting killed on a job, you'll find that learning what you need to know to survive will be a long process."

"You... she..." Vic looked up at the man he knew as Adam. "Tell me this, did she know I was Immortal before...?"

He nodded slowly, an infuriating smirk on his face. "She did, yes. She's a repository of information that can be very useful at times, if she can be persuaded to impart what she knows."

"Well, shit! Seems like the entire world knew except for me. Next, you'll be telling me that Nathan knew as well." Vic was irritated, the smile on his face more than a little angry as he shifted position. "Go on, tell me that Nathan was fully conscious of the fact that I was Immortal..."

The look on Adam's face silenced Vic's tirade. Adam was doing his best not to laugh, but somewhere along the line he was losing the battle, and his mouth was twitching. "Oh, fuck," groaned Vic. "He did, didn't he? That's why all that nonsense about me being one of the Illuminati."

With a snicker, poorly concealed as a cough, Adam nodded. "Nathan is a bit of a problem. He's... unstable, shall we say?"

Vic snorted. "That's putting it mildly. The man's a lunatic."

"Well, one could say that." Adam sighed. "He's an Immortal too. Unfortunately, over the years his mental stability has deteriorated. Poor fellow lives in a world of his own."

Although he tried, Vic couldn't maintain his anger. "I suppose Nathan's Watcher has his work cut out for him."

"We've never been able to keep one person assigned to him for more than a month. Hazardous duty pay not withstanding."

Vic couldn't help himself, a chuckle turned into a laugh, and before he knew it, tears of laughter streamed down his face. "Oh god," he whooped. "Haz-hazardous duty?"

"You're mocking the afflicted, my friend." Adam fixed Vic with a serious expression that dissolved after a few moments as his own lips twitched. Before much longer, he was laughing along with Vic as stories of yellow slickers and watermelons were told.

They swapped a few Nathan stories, and then Vic suddenly sobered up, giving Adam a long, level stare as though attempting to see the thoughts inside the man's head. "Okay now, level with me, please. Did you get involved with me because I'm this Immortal thing, or because you wanted me here in your bed?"

"That's a difficult question, Victor," said Adam, taking a little breath as Vic made a gesture of annoyance. "The answer is yes." He laughed again, softly. "All I can tell you is that I've never had a relationship with another Immortal before. I've always picked out mortals because I tend to get bored after thirty years or so, but you're..." he swallowed, as though it was difficult to say this. "You're different."

"Different," Vic mused. Something about the way Adam spoke that word struck a chord deep within him. A warmth spread though his body at knowing Adam wasn't one to easily admit such feelings. Here was a man - a man of vast age - a man who'd known thousands and thousands of people - a man who'd had an untold number of lovers - and he thought Vic was different. Special. Was willing to have a relationship with another Immortal.

With him.

Not able to express how much Adam's words meant to him, Vic smiled tremulously and wrapped his arms around Adam. "Thank you," he whispered.

There was a lull. Methos sat motionless, holding the young - incredibly young - Immortal in his arms, listening to the sound of his breath as Vic began to return to a relaxed state. Such a day might never come again, and for all his five thousand years, he would treasure it as the start of something exciting, something that might relieve the ennui he had begun to suffer throughout the past few centuries.

At last, Vic stirred, and Methos smiled down at him. "So, we need to discuss your training if I am not to lose you to a predator almost as swiftly as I found you."

"What if someone finds me before I can defend myself? I'm not exactly an expert swordsman, you know."

"Well, first of all, we'll go to a place I own in France. A church I converted into a home. Holy ground is safe - no Immortal would challenge you there. And you, my dear one, will be learning from the best. I've had five thousand years to hone my skills."

Vic gaped. "Five? Thousand?"

"Give or take."

"But... How?"

"For the most part I keep a low profile. Very few Immortals know my identity; the rest think I'm a myth. I am the oldest of our kind, and I haven't given my true name to many."

"So you aren't really called Adam?" Vic seemed completely fazed by Methos' confession. "Do you prefer to be called Adam?" he asked. "I don't know if I understand all this." He laid his head on 'Adam's' shoulder with a sigh.

"I want you to call me by my name - Methos," said that worthy, running a gentle hand down Victor's side. "I think it's time I was real to someone, and you are the one." He smiled gently. "Will you come to France with me? I promise to take care of you and ply you with the very best French wine."

"Are you kidding?" Vic blinked, leaning forward as he raised his hands to count off points on his fingers. "In one day, I escape from the Agency, I get away from Mac Ramsey, and I've found someone that cares about me. Wild horses would have a really hard time stopping me."



"She's gonna make my life a living hell," Mac whined.

Methos and Vic exchanged an amused look. "Look on the bright side," Vic said.

"Bright side he says," Mac sneered. "There is no bright side."

With a chuckle, Methos patted Mac's cheek. "This is your big chance with LiAnn."

"And Jackie," Vic added. "Plus you get my apartment now. You've always wanted it for yourself."

"Sure," Mac said sarcastically. "My fondest dream come true. Your outdated music, your 70's decor. What more could I want?"

Last boarding call for flight 603

"Well, I guess this is it," Mac said mournfully.

"Yep," Vic agreed cheerfully. "We're out of here."

After giving an awkward hug to Vic, Mac shook hands with Methos. "You take care of him," he told the Immortal in a rough voice.

Methos smirked. "Oh, you can count on that."

Side by side, the two men headed onto the plane.

"Did I mention that Mac will be Nathan's watcher now," Methos said casually as they walked down the companionway.

"You are an evil, evil man," Vic informed his companion.

"Just another of my many talents."


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